We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a licensed Security Guard Agency, providing a wide range of security services to all Industrial, Commercial and Residential premises. As a matter of fact, we focus on providing security services to industrial premises, such as factories, warehouses and the like. This is because we firmly believe that by involving in too many types of security services, we rationally cannot be expected to master or give the best in each type.

Established since 1999, many of our management staff are ex-Army or ex-Police officers, who have many years of security experience. Moreover, our management staff have attended many relevant courses or trainings such as Fire Safety, Safety Management Property Management, Counter-Terrorism, Bomb-Threat Management and the like, in order that we can serve you better.

All our security personnel are also either graduates of the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS), Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) or former regulars of the Army or Police whose experiences exempt them from the requirement of NSRS or WSQ courses. Our large pool of PLRD - screened Security Guards / Officers are also trained to be friendly in approach, yet firm in their conduct of duties and responsibilities.

At  Security Enforcer, we believe in going the extra mile, to serve and secure for our customers effectively. Our minimum of 2 spot checks per week on our duty security personnel, our cross-trainings for inter-assignment support, and our regular meetings and/or feedback with our customers, are just some examples to this end.

Equally important, we charge our services very attractively and competitively in the market, without compromising our service quality and efficiency.

Call us today, for a non-obligatory quotation or meeting / presentation at your office, for any security arrangement.


Friendly But Firm Security Personnel

Our security officers are all trained to be friendly and diplomatic in approach, but firm in their conduct of their duties and responsibilities

Regular Spot Checks / Routine Checks

We conduct spot checks on our security personnel, 2 to 3 times per week on average, especially in the night, on weekends and public holidays, which are periods in which the security personnel are generally known to be more lax in their work. Such physical checks are conducted to ensure that our security personnel on duty are discharging their duties and responsibilities in the way expected of them.

The date, time and personal signature of the "checking officer" are reflected in the occurance book in the Guard House/Post, and this may be inspected at any time by your office.

Regular routine checks are also conducted through the use of telephones, by calling to the Guard House/Post, asking for situation report or any feedback. In this way, the duty security personel will be kept on guard and alert at all times. Due to the varying times in which routine checks are conducted, the duty security personel will also feel discouraged from leaving the duty post unnecessarily

Regular Meetings and/or Feedbacks

As part of our commitment to serve and secure our assignments effectively, we also have regular meetings and/or feedbacks with our clients, aimed at evaluating our work performance, and enhancing the overall security aspects of your organization.

"3 R" Management Style

Our "3R" Management style ensures that we are always Responsive, Reliable and Responsible in doing a good security task for all our customers. We assure that there's always strong management support for you.

Cross Trainings

All our security personnel are cross-trained for at least 3 assignments located around the vicinity of your assignment. In this manner, our security personnel are not only more exposed & experienced, but are more able to support each other as experienced Relief Officers, in the event that any permanently deployed security officer going on off-day, MC or leave.


Our Fire Safety Manager will help to enhance the fire safety aspects of your company, by observing, analyzing and giving feedback(s) whenever he comes across any potential fire hazards, during his personal supervisory visits to the Guard House/assignment. He provides this value added service without any extra charge.

Customized SOP

We will formulate the customized SOP which will include the security officers main duties and responsibilities at the site,for reference, as well as for their strict adherence for the day-to-day security operations of the assignment.

Provision of Night-Clocking Device

As part of our sincere commitment towards effective security, we will provide the high-tech electronic night-clocking device to ensure that our deployed night-shift security personnel physically goes/go to clock the designated points, especially in the middle of the night and during day-shift on Sundays and Public Holidays to discourage intrusion as well as to check on various possible occurrances such as water/chemical leakages, faulty lights and the like. As long as you have engaged at least two Security Officers from us, this said night-shift clocking device will be provided and installed Free Of Charge (FOC). Data of the clocking will be downloaded and forwarded to the relevant staff of the client for checking, record and audit purposes.