Every industry is unique, that cannot be more apparent when it comes to security needs. Be it an office, a building or a manufacturing plant, the risks and challenges are often very different.

Securing factories and warehouses is our forte.

We will evaluate your needs to include internal operation procedures, core values, business strategy, people, and various external factors, proposing and generating a security solution catered to your needs.


Keep your employees and company safe with Security Enforcer’s commercial security services.

Using technology and process innovations, we create operating plans for you that are both requirement-focused and cost-effective. Whether you’re a major property management company, a national financial institution, a regional retail center or any other organization, Security Enforcer designs and deploys customized security services that fulfill all your requirements

We provide security services for the following commercial industries


Our customized security services are structured to provide the best solution for your residential needs. Whether security is required for an individual home, a small apartment complex, a high rise building, or a gated community, we can provide a customized plan that is formulated to effectively protect the safety and security of our residential clients. 

Our Security Officers are committed to the utmost levels of professionalism, respect, courtesy, and customer service. Security Enforcers’  personnel are well trained to handle all aspects of safety and security.

Our Security Officers offer protection in an atmosphere that is geared to the more personal nature of a residence, adapting to the specific needs of the residential community, with specialized services to meet the expectations of residential clients. Security at home is increasingly paramount in the minds of our nation, and the professionals at Security Enforcer provide the best security solutions for our changing world.

We provide services for the following residential properties